4 Benefits of Using an Airport Taxi Service

  Using an airport taxi service has the potential to provide a variety of benefits over most other types of transport, including the buses and trains. It is likely to give the most convenient and time efficient option for arriving at the intended destination. Here are four of the benefits of using an airport taxi service: Saves time A taxi service can save a lot of time and avoids most of the stress and energy needed to organise transport after leaving the airport terminal. For instance, with a public transportation service there is the extra inconvenience of having to wait for the next timed arrival and also having to carry the luggage for the longer distance. But, hiring a taxi home has the potential to save time with a taxi available to pick you within a short period of making a booking. Also, with the need to arrive at the airport well ahead of the flight time, there is less likelihood of needing to feel so stressed about arriving at your destination on time. Experienced and profes

Ten Tips for a Trouble Free Paris Taxi Experience

If you're visiting Paris for more than a few days, you will most likely have an occasion to use a taxi. Maybe you'll be using a taxi for your Paris Airport transfer - travelling from Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport to the Paris city center. Or maybe you'll want to splurge for a night when you visit the Paris Opera. The Parisian taxi system is heavily regulated, so these tips will help to ensure that you're Paris taxi experiences don't turn into Paris taxi adventures! Know how to find an unoccupied taxi - Spotted from down the street, it's not always easy to tell if a taxi is occupied or not. Luckily, the "Taxi" light on top of the car tells you everything you need to know. The old system (which will be phased out by July 2012) uses a white plastic sign that is either lit or unlit. IF the light is lit (yellowish light), the taxi is unoccupied and you may stop it. If the light is off, the car is occupied, the driver is on a call, or the driver's sh

5 Tips to Book Mini Cabs in London

  The London city boasts of an excellent transportation network of underground tube rail, tramway, buses, railways, cabs etc. However, mini London cabs are the most preferred ones, especially if you are travelling in a group and want to explore the city in an economical way. As it is not possible to stop a mini cab on any street, it is essential to book it from a cab office. There are even black cabs that are used to commute from one place to another within the city, but they charge on hourly basis and may prove too costly. Hence, it makes a sense to know five essential tips to book a cabs in London. Book online -  With an easy access to internet, this does not comes as a surprise. Booking a mini cab online is far more convenient than actually visiting a cab office in person and devoting your quality time over there. You can very well use your smartphone to book such cab online in advance. By this way, you will get an instant booking confirmation via an email. Compare cab fares -  Ther